Gardener’s Corner

BioStart is committed to helping you create productive and healthy home gardens and lifestyle blocks. Designed and made in New Zealand, our products work by harnessing naturally occurring microbes for better soil, plants and livestock while being gentle on the environment.

What can we help you with?

Fruit and vegetables

Do you want to grow exceptional fruit and vegetables? We can help you from soil conditioning through to plant protection.

Drought proofing

Is your garden or lifestyle block suffering from the drought? We can help you improve soil moisture and plant hydration.

Soil health

We know that healthy soil is the key to getting the most out of your land, find out how we can help you get your soil in tip-top condition.


Our animal products have been used by farmers for over 25 years, proving that prebiotics do a great job of ensuring the lifelong wellbeing of your stock.

Lawn and pasture

Are you dreaming of greener pastures? Do you have too much thatch, or would you just like to leave your neighbours green with envy?


Would you like to activate your compost heap faster, better use compost in your soil or quickly break down old plant material?